Modified:  Thursday, March 25, 2010
Welcome to Tall Trees Nursery
The company is a wholesale nursery specializing in supplying plants to the local and export market. We are located near Durban, South Africa.

"If we don't have it we will try and find it."

Our Approach

Sphere 1 - We grow and sell a variety of plants for the landscaper & nursery market.

Sphere 2 - With many years in the business we have ties with a wide range of other growers and supplier from who we source items we do not grow.

Sphere 3 - Although we specialise in trees and shrubs we also supply other plants.

Sphere 4 - We have aligned ourselves with professionals and as such have access to qualified Horticulturists and Forest Science Degree'd personnel to assist if any design or contract management work needs to be done.

Our Specialties

Cycads Palms Shrubs Trees